Tac 1-2 Slings


The Savvy Sniper line of Tactical slings offers several options for operator/SWAT guys who desire more configuration options out of one sling. The Tac 1S and Tac 1-2 s slings all have instant adjustment. The user can tighten or loosen the sling with one hand while in use. The TAC 1-2 s, our best selling tactical sling, offers the operator the ability to easily convert from a 2 point configuration to a single point configuration.  The sling can then be disconnected from the rifle, with one quick disconnect buckle, leaving the sling around your torso.  The weapon can then be easily hooked up to the TAC V1 (vest configuration) and the operator can sling the weapon off of their Tactical Vest.   These options make the Savvy Sniper Tac 1-2 S a favorite for SWAT teams and operators who normally wear TAC vests.  The sling options make it convenient for teammates to hand their weapon to another team member, who can easily and quickly attach the weapon to their Tactical Vest configuration.  Our slings are available in Black, Olive Drab,Foliage Green and the latest addition,Coyote.  All slings are available with or without the stretch option.    Special orders are welcomed as there are various ideas, weapon manufacturer and configurations to contend with.  Give us a call and let Savvy Sniper design and build a sling for you today!

  • TAC 1-2 .........................$49.95 *** Free Shipping on Tac 1-2 when paying full retail price!
  • Tac V1with Bungee..........$18.95
  • Tac V1without Bungee ....$8.99