QUAD Slings - See the full You Tube Video - The Savvy Sniper QUAD Sling

The QUAD sling is a single to two point TACTICAL sling. This is for users who want to have pretty much everything desired in one tactical sling without complicated hassles.  It has just enough stretch to enable the user to get that extra reach when needed while shooting when sling is tightly securing the weapon to the body for stabilizing. The bungee also helps w/ the impact of wearing the sling w/ a weapon for prolong periods of time.  It incorporates 1” tubular webbing, Nexus Commercial grade Mil Spec tri-glides and Fastex quick disconnect buckle. (an all metal hardware version is also available with the QUAD X sling). The quick adjustment slider handle is made for easy quick adjustment with the main adjustment for body sizing. The sling was designed to easily be used wearing gloves during operations. The single to two point attachment point is a solid platform for easy and fast transitions. No fumbling to deal w/ connecting to single point. Colors available are black, olive drab green (od), foliage, coyote, pink & white.  They come in right, left handed or ambi.   Different attachment ends are also available on request, you can run this sling w/ straps, uncle mike rifle swivels, ) heavy duty QD’s USA made, mash hooks or what most customers prefer the HK snaphooks. Changing the attachment point from HK snaphooks may alter the price so contact us for pricing on your exact order.  For those who are extra lean, small or XXL, custom sizing can also be done at no extra cost. If you have a heavier weapon and need a wider sling, check out our HD QUAD that uses two inch wide strap across the back w/ double bungee for more stiffness.  For those who do not require bungee or single point use but like the two inch wide strap, check out the Savvy Sniper Precision sling or the less expensive simple M4lite. Multiple orders get discounts too. Yes, you can get this sling w/ out bungee too.
QUAD Sling w/ dual HK snaphooks....................$59.95

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 See Youtube video: QUAD slings