Frequently asked Questions:

How do I order? Go to the "Order" page on our blue tool bar. It shows how to order and links to dealers.

What does the names of the slings mean? Generally the first part explains what type of sling. If it says QUAD then it's a tactical style sling with single and two point options, with bungee, or not if customized, a main adjust and our quick adjust handle with 2 ends and a disconnect buckle. If the next part doesn't have X Cobra or Extreme, etc. that just means that the quality of hardware is Nexus Commercial grade. If it does have X, Cobra etc. then it will be all high quality metal hardware, no plastic/polymer blend at all on the sling. The last part is usually what the ends are, like HK or QD, sometimes you'll see dual in there, it just means "both ends" are that type of attachment, but it will specify if each end is different. If it's QUAD dual QD, then you'll get a hidden HK to connect to single pt. Or if there's MS, then it will not have the extra HK but instead the "IWC MS" triglide for connecting the QD into single pt. THat is a $20 part we are only adding $10 to upgrade sling, so it's a great deal. Last might list a different brand QD, such as ALG Defense/Geissele. if it's not listed then it's the standard Grovtec USA Heavy duty blend we use as standard.

Why can't I find the sling I want thru a dealer? We apologize, because we stuck to being a custom shop we can only make so many slings at a time. Our dealers sell out very fast of certain slings as well, which is probably the one you are looking for.. We stock them back up soon as we can. We also make a lot of slings, more than listed. It's very hard for any dealer to keep up.

Can I get my QUAD sling with no bungee? Yes you can just ask on orders directly through our shop only unless a dealer already stocks them.

Why don't you accept credit cards at the shop? Mostly to keep costs down and so we can handle the load at the shop with less orders going by check or money order. This also pushes sales to our dealers to help them sell faster and restock. If we took cc's at our shop, then our slings would be about $3 to $6 more each. We didn't want that extra cost for our customers, especially since you already can get them through the dealers using credit cards and not pay more from doubled fees.

Why can't I get someone on the phone 24/7? Because we are saving money to make our slings affordable.

Do you have grey? NO, we tried but nothing matched wolf gray last time we checked, it may change next week, just depends. What colors we listed on colors/attachments page are what we have besides misc. rolls of odd colors that didn't match well enough.

Can I get an ODG sling for my ODG IWI? I will talk you out of it, the 6 or so ODG's we have at the shop are in our opinion all not exact matches.

Why does your website suck? To make your slings more affordable. Our website is only for information anyway. Why pay more for better website that we have to pass cost to customers for something that our dealers already pay to keep up. We will skimp on ourselves to make sure the slings give you the best quality and design for the money.

Why can't I look at pictures and why is it telling me I need to load "Flash" if I'm on an apple product? You can cancell and it will take you to page anyway. We are running on an ancient website builder. Built on Adobe with Micro and Mac refuses to accept because flash is old software that is prone to viruses. Standard PC's will load pictures, but go to our facebook page if you want to see pictures on it, or email us and I will send you anything.

Why can't I order off your website? Refer to the previous question and answer.

What's a Chudwin Sling, I want one? The Chief has a modified simple 2pt light weight sling. It's a M4lite with 4inches of bungee and strap ends. He usually takes a piece of paracord to mount to gun on one side. He has a few hidden extras but we only do that for him. You can request that sling through our shop.