Savvy Sniper “How to” and “Maintenance” Video’s  

The Videos and images below are simply to demonstrate how we care and maintain our weapons. Please do not attempt anything, let alone watch these videos, if you are clueless and not careful. We are not responsible for anyone’s mishaps. If you watch these videos and follow the guidelines we go by, then it’s at your own risk. Again, Do NOT watch these videos or view the images if you do not accept that it’s at your own risk!

TCSO list of common tools for maintaining your rifle: Click on image for full screen view



TCSO AR-15 M4 Maintenance Taking apart and cleaning your Rifle videos

Part 1 - Disassembling rifle, cleaning upper receiver :
Part 2 - Cleaning lower receiver and buffer: (Coming Soon)
Part 3 - Disassemble/assembling & cleaning bolt and bolt carrier
Part 4 - Assembling cleaned rifle
Receiver Plate installation Video: (Coming Soon)
How strong are our buckles? -*DO NOT attempt to imitate the “How strong are our buckles” video. It was done by a professional, with back-up gear to demonstrate the quality of Nexus buckles used on Savvy Sniper LLC Slings.