Less Lethal - Competition - Video Coming

Less-lethal & Competition slings

Savvy Sniper is now offering the QUAD sling in a LESS LETHAL color. If your team or agency is using the option of less lethal munitions, then you need to consider the new color configuration for the savvy sniper slings.  This will help make distinguishing and switching out less-lethal loaded weapons easier and more noticeable.
Competition colors enable the user’s weapon to stand out during competitions and easily find a specific weapon among a table full of others.
Savvy Sniper can change the colors on any of the slings offered by us in one inch webbing.   Contact us for requests or details.
Specify color when ordering, no extra cost, fluorescent yellow, blue, red or mix of available colors including black, foliage, o.d. green or coyote.

QUAD Sling w/ dual HK snaphooks....................$59.95