All of the same features of the standard QUAD but a better explanation for those who may not know of all the options we give.  Colors available to pick or mix are black, olive drab green (od), foliage, coyote, pink, white, blue, red & high vis. yellow.  They come in right, left handed or ambi. (No ambi with MS option)   Different attachment ends are also available on request, you can run this sling w/ straps, uncle mike rifle swivels, upgraded heavy duty larger QD’s , mash hooks or what most customers prefer the HK snaphooks. Changing the attachment point from HK snaphooks may alter the price so contact us for pricing on your exact order.  For those who are extra lean, small or XXL, custom sizing can also be done at no extra cost.

We also have fun with the buckles and “Bling” using all kinds of studs and gems.  We can make them with a certain color in mind, a little or a lot.  Prices are custom for this feature, but normally only range from adding $5 to $15, to have the buckle changed from our name tag on outer handle to eye candy.  They most certainly are like no other and crave attention!!
QUAD Sling w/ dual HK snaphooks....................$59.95
(Custom studs and gems added to buckle range from $5 to $15 or more depending on wishes)

  For the ladies...