Customer Feedback

To whom it may concern,

I just received my Savvy Sniper sling top of the line sling with the Cobra buckle and qd attachments. Quite simply put this is by far and away the best sling I have ever used in my life. I had my doubts with the cost of the product and some comments from MAC's videos on YouTube that said 125 bucks is ridiculous for a sling. To make things short those people have no idea what their missing bc your product is simply better than any other sling on the market. These are probably the same guys who think primary arms red dots are just as good as Aimpoints. I don't normally send emails to thank companies nor do I send emails to bitch about products either. However, when I receive a a product I am that impressed with I had to send a thank you to you and your team for designing such a beautiful product that functions flawlessly at any task. I bought a Vickers Combat Padded Sling and I love it. No disrespect to blue force gear as I believe it's a great product. However, when I compared the two, there is no question how much better your sling functions. The tri glide pull strap cinches up high and tight. Every other sling droops especially when running it as a single point. Your does not. Every position from every qd attachment brings the weapon up where it is meant to be. Fantastic product. Once again I just wanted to say I appreciate your business and your product. Honestly I feel I received the product at a huge discount at 125 dollars considering all the slings I've gone through in my time. Thank you once again and I look forward to buying more of your products in the future for any future builds. The quality is that good.





I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how happy I am with the purchase of the Savvy Sniper QUAD Dual QD Sling.

I just purchased a IWI Tavor, & I was going to transfer the Blackhawk sling from my AR-15 to the Tavor, but decided instead to purchase a new sling.

It's not often that a product exceeds my expectations; But this sling does! The build quality, ease of use is great!

I highly recommend this sling! I wish you & your business good luck!

Thanks for making the best sling I have ever used.




Just wanted to drop you a quick note about the sling I had you make for my AK a few months ago. I have taken the time to evaluate it under several types of conditions, as well as letting many people use it to test it. I want to say that it is the finest sling of it's type that I have ever had the pleasure of using and certainly wish I had one while on active duty. The sling fits me well and is well made and sturdy and, of course, operates as advertized. Everyone who has tried it out with my AK, want to know how to get one and I have given them your contact information for the slings. The sling is a great idea and a great product and I wholeheartedly endorse it to everyone who comes into our gun shop looking for a sling that will work on their AKs and ARs. Thanks, once again. God bless. Michael A. Alber


I've been dealing with sub par slings for a long time. They've met their intent of hanging a weapon off you, but that's about it. The Quad X that's strapped to my rifle now is by far the most comfortable, durable, and versatile sling around. As soon as you throw the sling over your shoulder, you know it was developed by a professional who carries a weapon. Lastly, I appreciate the care and support you and your people extended to me being abroad. Sincerely,



I got the sling and its PERFECT, it fit spot on right out of the box. I have a shot gun that needs a sling also, so I will definitely be saving up for another sling. Once again, Thank You for such a fine American product.


We received the slings today and they are the best we have seen.  They are a custom fit.  No one these days does that.  From start to finish this experience has been a pleasure.  From your communications to your final product it mirrors surgical precision.  It takes us by surprise when we come across people who take pride in what they do outside of the special operations community.  For that, please add both of our names to your roster as life long customers.  When we are ready we will be reaching back out to you for the custom ghillie covers.

All the best to you and yours!

Raj & Sarah


Just wanted to say thanks. I recieved my quad sling today (5-2-11) and have already put it on my sig 556r, love it. I appreciate your companys promptness and the politeness of the young lady that I talked in placing the the order.       
Deputy Jason Condray
Parker Co. S.O.-Texas


Dear Brian and Erin,
Did I say Wow? Good,  I meant it! Thank you for a wonderful product and making it for me in some CRAZY, FAST  amount of time. I am so pleased and can’t begin to tell you how wonderful all of you have been. I will certainly be spreading the word!
Wishing you all Happiness and Blessing,
Jay Johns


Erin thank you so much!! When it comes to slings you guys are top of the line!!! Quality, customer service and speediness is what keeps on making me come back for more. You guys are doing a fantastic job and ill be excited to see how much bigger the company can grow. If you could, give my condolences to Brian, I hate to see such a good guy as him have to deal with bad stuff like that. Stay safe as always

Semper Fi,



Thanks for your hard work and providing operators with an excellent product. I just bought the quad sling at the show in Hilliard this past Sunday. Having served for 18 yrs. In law enforcement (Columbus PD), been tactically trained and knocked around, the design is flawless. I left active LE in 2001 to work in the technology side for public safety and thus haven’t deployed since. My recent *new* purchase of an M4 required a sling (I am the guy who had that big ugly black box). Anyhow, went out yesterday and gave it a good run (also to try out the new gun in cooler temps). The sling is awesome. Plenty of room with a fully loaded vest and CB H.A.W.G pack to boot. Even after several hours slogging through some pretty nasty undergrowth and slush, the sling was comfortable. I have some good friends over at Columbus PD SWAT. As soon as I get a chance, I will be taking the sling over there for a go. All three teams usually keep call up ready in their own POVs. Slings are personal pref. as is a lot of gear. I am sure they will love it.

Thanks again, -Keith, Ohio



I picked up one of your tactical slings at Blackwing this afternoon. Another gentlemen, also a member, purchased three . . . . I hope the trend continues! My old strap(s) are going into storage. Thanks for bringing your quality products to my club, and thanks to Rex for carrying them. I wish you well in your business.

Kind Regards, Darren


Good afternoon brian. my name is charlie mitchell. i met you at the recent gunshow in medina.  i had the one ass to risk ball cap.  buying your two point slings was one of my better purchases.  i'm with the flint police dept in michigan.  i was visiting friends in ohio and they told me about the gunshow. my dept just bought twenty ar's for our patrol officers.  i'm going to introduce my command staff to your sling.  with any luck and i show them the correct way to use it, i plan on sending some business your way.
we always have a few stubborn asses that think whatever comes with the gun is good enough.  but i am extremely happy with mine and it's staying on my weapon. i will probably let your demo video be the star of the show.
i'll try and keep you informed of my progress. 
thanks again. my wife and i were very pleased how courteous your wife and you were.
charlie mitchell

Thank you Brian for producing the best tactical sling I have ever purchased. I saw you today at the Medina Gun Shop and had to stop to express my gratitude and complimets for your sling I purchased. I have been through hundreds of dollars in slings and purchased one of your TAC 1-2 s At the last Medina show. Wow what a sling! I wish I would have found your product earlier. With it solid construction and ease of changing while in mid stream use is amazing! If you are looking for the BEST out there now at an excellent price, give this one a try. Thanks again, G. Davidson Akron, Ohio


I was at the gun show on Saturday and bought a sling from you, I got home and tried it out and I love it, well made and beats the price of what other guys are charging for "made in China" slings. I do have to say I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend your product to anyone I work with, thanks again.

Dep. Travis Lauhon
Carroll County Sheriff's Office


Brian Alford
Phone 740-492-0100