Savvy Sniper Law Enforcement Products  


Slide Hammer Ram Slings

The Savvy Sniper “Slide Hammer” sling has now been introduced to the Savvy Sniper tactical line of gear. The “Slide Hammer” adds some safety and versatility to your ram guy duties. The slings design starts by easily attaching and detaching the heavy gauge 2” strap to the ram by using a heavy duty 2" Nexus buckle. The strap comes with the same quick adjustment that all Savvy Sniper slings feature. The attachment point on the sling utilizes the buckle so that it will “slide” back and forth during the hammer process. The buckle slides on another 2”piece of heavy webbing, giving the user plenty of free motion during hammer time. Most slings attach to the fore and aft of the ram. At full extension the sling then pulls you into the door on impact( or the sling has to be so loose to hit the door properly that it serves no purpose in weight bearing). The “Slide Hammer” sling fixes both of these issues. The sling balances the ram with ease, requiring only one hand to stabilize while moving. NOW your other hand can be on your pistol while on approach to a house. You can then hold a gun, instead of a door ram, in the middle of a possible gun fight! Get to the door, holster up and swing away. The ram is easily jettisoned by one quick buckle. You can leave the strap on and enter quickly.

LE only, Price: $50.00


Sniper Rifle Ghillie Cover - Unavailable at this time

The ghillie cover is designed to camouflage any rifle or shotgun with optics. It can also be manufactured to cover paintball guns and various weapons. The cover slides on and off in a matter of seconds. It protects the exterior of the rifle, covering the bipod and barrel muzzle. The operator can perform most rifle functions with the cover installed. The rifle ghillie cover is my flagship creation here at SS Gear. The ghillie cover is designed for the hard core sniper who wants to push the envelope and get as close as possible to make the shot. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to push a rifle and bipod through thick/high grass. The grass is channeled between the barrel and bipod, jamming your progress. Many try that old pant leg cut off, to cover the barrel and bipod. This requires a lot of movement to remove at the time of the shot and extra equipment to take off and put back on. Some snipers try to flip the bipod backwards, which does not permit the sniper to lean into the rifle due to the legs of the bipod folding back on you. The SS gear ghillie cover solves this problem, as well as camouflaging and protecting the exterior of your rifle. The cover enables the sniper to perform a multitude of operations without removal. From simple operations like safety manipulation, loading ammo and running your bolt, to popping both scope caps and windage/ elevation adjustments. The cover enables the operator to easily deploy and retract the bipod. With one hand, in a matter of seconds, the sniper can open the cover, deploy the bipod and remove the barrel cover; ready to take the shot. The muzzle of the barrel is always covered with heavy elastic that can be pulled down or pushed up at the sniper’s discretion. The barrel and your accuracy will always be protected. This one piece cover slides on in seconds and comes off even faster. The cover is not some cheap camo material that you simply wrap around your rifle. Each cover is made for individual officer’s rifles, taking into account manufacturer, barrel length, scope manufacturer and bipod length! Yes, they are customized for your rifle.

$100 - Optional Leaf Kit $10

Cruiser Cradle

The Cruiser Cradle is an easily installed rifle rest for your patrol car, which enables the officer to take shots from the backseat. The simple and effective Cruiser Cradle was born on a cold and rainy day. It was much more comfortable and warm sitting in the patrol car, rather than lying on the frozen ground with 20 mph winds! The easily adjustable rifle rest simply attaches in your back window, to the reinforced child restraint brackets. The sling then runs over the headrest and attaches to your patrol car cage. You simply lock on the oversized brass boat snap and adjust for the height you need. The sling is easily adjustable with a two inch heavy duty Ladderloc . The shooter can lay the rifle across the sling and make adjustments with one hand, while looking at your prospective target. The sling holds 90% of the rifle weight, while you only hold a fraction. You can sit for hours, if need be, totally concealed, warm and dry! No need to have your rifle hanging out of the window, where you can easily be seen. A simple duty jacket, hanging on a hanger in the back seat, will totally conceal your presence. Simply aim your rifle between the jacket arm and jacket body.

LE only, Price: $20