Bench/Tac Slings

The Bench/Tac sling was designed with the over-watch operator in mind.  The sling gives the operator the versatility of a sniper sling and a tactical sling, without making any changes to the configuration.  The sniper can benefit from using the sling to increase stability while making an accurate shot.  Bench/Tac Sling then quickly adjusts to permit the operator to carry his rifle across his chest in a Tac. configuration.  This concept comes into play when the over-watch operator is called from his position to assist units with operation.  This intended operation for the Bench/Tac Sling is on the AR platform, when a bipod is mounted on the front of the rifle.  The rear of the sling is attached to the collapsible stock that has the press swivel holes built into the side.  This allows the front of the sling to be attached to the rifle stud, located on most bipods on the market.  As with most of the Savvy Sniper Slings, the operator has the option of changing attachments to any of those offered by our company.  If your rifle has additional attachment points, such as a snap hook plate on the back of the receiver and attachment points on the quad rail.  You can then change your attachment ends to snap hooks and run the Bench/Tac sling in a Tac. Sling only configuration.  We have put together a new snap hook attachment that allows the Bench/Tac to be converted from 2 point to single point, just like the Tac 1-2.  This idea was created for those operators who do not like the stretch options of a Tac 1-2.