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We are the source for Savvy Sniper LLC custom high end slings designed for LE & MIL. Available to everyone through our select dealers and licenses. USA Patent #9557138

Quad Dual OD1


Saw Sling
The Sniper Sling is designed to be adjusted quickly while it is over your shoulder, across your chest or when you are lying behind the rifle! Most rifle slings work for simply shouldering your rifle and walking, not taking shooting into account. Instructors train rifleman to use their slings to stabilize the sandbag under the stock. Most rifle slings lack the quick adjustability of tactical slings. The Sniper Sling fixes this problem. You have immediate access to adjust your sling with either hand, while it is over your shoulder, across your chest or when you are lying behind the rifle. Depending on the angle of the shot, the shooter may only need a little sand bag and sometimes may need all of it. The Sniper Sling permits the shooter to make instant sling adjustment, while staying on target. It includes a section of flat gripper webbing, to give some added traction when the rifle is carried in standard over the shoulder configuration. It is light, strong and simple!

Precision sling - Heavier Rifles


Sniper Carry

Less Lethal
Bench/Tac Sling
Pink Sling
Pink Bling!
The Savvy Sniper line of Tactical slings offers several options for operator/SWAT guys who desire more configuration options out of one sling. The Tac 1, Tac 2 and Tac 1-2 s slings all have instant adjustment. The user can tighten or loosen the sling with one hand while in use. The TAC 1-2 s, our best selling tactical sling, offers the operator the ability to easily convert from a 2 point configuration to a single point configuration.  The sling can then be disconnected from the rifle, with one quick disconnect buckle, leaving the sling around your torso.  The weapon can then be easily hooked up to the TAC V1 (vest configuration) and the operator can sling the weapon off of their Tactical Vest.   These options make the Savvy Sniper Tac 1-2 S a favorite for SWAT teams and operators who normally wear TAC vests.  The sling options make it convenient for teammates to hand their weapon to another team member, who can easily and quickly attach the weapon to their Tactical Vest configuration.  Our slings are available in Black, Olive Drab and the latest addition, Foliage Green.  All slings are available with or without the stretch option.    Special orders are welcomed as there are various ideas, weapon manufacturer and configurations to contend with.  Give us a call and let Savvy Sniper design and build a sling for you today!
Tac 1-2 sling
Deputy Brian Alford offers basic rappel training and advanced tactical rappel training to all Law Enforcement, Fire and rescue agencies. The curriculum involves the latest in rappel equipment from companies like Petzel and CMC. Brian designed a 53ft. rappel tower that was built by the Tuscarawas County SWAT team. The Tower was constructed at the Sheriff’s Office located at 2295 Reiser Ave. SE, New Philadelphia Oh. The tower consists of three levels, a 20 foot deck, a 35 foot deck and a 50 foot deck. The front of the tower has open windows/doors that the operator can rappel into or out of, on the 20ft and 35ft decks. The two sides are solid and the back is totally open for free descents. The open side is topped with a 12 foot long metal helicopter bar, simulating the landing gear of a chopper. The tower construction was a large endeavor that would not have been possible without the help of our local carpenters union, Local 69. We'd also like to thank everyone who helped donate their time and supplies to make this tower possible. Here is a list of some of the main contributors who we are very grateful for. Carpenter's Local #69, Iron Worker Local #550, Richard Downing Welding, Howden Buffalo, Lowes, The New Company, Sunbelt Rental, Red Hill Crane, Dick Drake Tree Service, Asplund Tree Service, Center Supply Party Rental and many more! Any interested agencies are invited to contact Brian directly or call the Sheriff’s Office and speak with Captain Orvis Campbell (330)339-2000.
The Cruiser Cradle is an easily installed rifle rest for your patrol car, which enables the officer to take shots from the backseat. The simple and effective Cruiser Cradle was born on a cold and rainy day. It was much more comfortable and warm sitting in the patrol car, rather than lying on the frozen ground with 20 mph winds! The easily adjustable rifle rest simply attaches in your back window, to the reinforced child restraint brackets. The sling then runs over the headrest and attaches to your patrol car cage. You simply lock on the oversized brass boat snap and adjust for the height you need. The sling is easily adjustable with a two inch heavy duty Ladderloc . The shooter can lay the rifle across the sling and make adjustments with one hand, while looking at your prospective target. The sling holds 90% of the rifle weight, while you only hold a fraction. You can sit for hours, if need be, totally concealed, warm and dry! No need to have your rifle hanging out of the window, where you can easily be seen. A simple duty jacket, hanging on a hanger in the back seat, will totally conceal your presence. Simply aim your rifle between the jacket arm and jacket body.
Law Enforcement


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